Monday, February 13, 2012

Impromptu Sunday Dinner for Four

Today at 1:41 p.m., Jason received a text from our friend and neighbor, Kenneth, which said "So if there is no soccer, how do you feel about making some Sunday dinner?" I took careful note of the word "you" as I read this to text Jason, who immediately laughed. Of course he laughed - one because everything Kenneth states is both purposeful and funny, and two, because "you" clearly meant yours truly :)

Jason was napping with the dog when his phone rang and Kenneth's name popped up on the screen. So of course I answer it and immediately ask him what he will be making me for dinner. And then after three or four sentences he hands the phone over to his wife, Jessica, so that we can figure out the menu! Which is fine 'cause we do a damn good job and send Kenneth to the grocery store for supplies. (All the while, Jason yells suggestions for how to prepare the pork from the bedroom. Mind you, he is still curled in the fetal position with the doggie as the little spoon. Thanks, honey!)

Only because it is Kenneth do I put up with this gendered nonsense; both he and Jessica are an amazing cooks and have prepared several meals for us in the past that were delicious. In fact, I really enjoy the fact that Kenneth comes over and can be trusted to dice and slice and mix without explicit instruction. Plus, among my male friends, he is pretty much the only one with whom I can talk foodie. Jessica is always very humble about her cooking talents, often playing up Kenneth's abilities as opposed to her own. Tonight's meal was really an awesome team effort, with everyone pitching in to make a wonderful meal that we could enjoy together (and yes, Jason did uncurl himself from spooning with the dog and joined us, loudly noting that he prefers the title "The Ladle" to "big spoon").

Eat up!

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